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Hello, I'm Isia.

I am a woolly caterpillar and Phil's friend and fellow forecaster.

Here is a little story about what
the future has in store for me.

The caterpillar cata0.gif (1656 bytes)goes through life eating many times his weight in leave and plants.cata1.gif (2805 bytes) But at some point in time the leaves give way to other interests.

The caterpillar climbs the branch but can go no higher. cata2.gif (1850 bytes)He feels there is more but can not grasp what is beyond his reach. It is as he could leave the limb and soar towards the heavens……as if he could…….dare he think it?



Now he feels the need to eat, giving way to a need to sleep. So he spins a chrysaliscata4.gif (1781 bytes) in which to sleep. While he sleeps he begins to dream, his dream is he is off the ground, floating, flying, drifting on a gentle breeze!

But now he is restless and his body is feverish, he is wracked in excruciating pain.

Is he dying?

Inside his body cells are being replaced, cell by cell. The body rejects the cells as not caterpillar. His own body, his cells are being replaced, cell by cell until the new cells are more numerous and the new cells command his body, the fever begins to lift, cell by cell, the pain lessens.

Now he is sleeping, off the ground, flying, floating above the garden on a gentle breeze.

He is now awakening, his body is moving, he needs to get outside the chrysalis, and pushing it opens, wakening his body.

Stepping out he feels the gentle breeze………cata5.gif (1568 bytes)his wings open, he is a caterpillar no more.

He is now a butterfly! flap2.gif (14453 bytes)


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