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ISBN 0-9617819-2-0, Hardcover, 64 pages $16.95 each [temp out of stock]
ISBN 0-9617819-0-4, Paperback, 64 pages $10.95 each
ISBN 0-9617819-7-1, Mini-Paperback, 64 pages $7.95 each
ISBN 0-9617819-3-9, Audiotape, $10.95 each
ISBN 0-0000000-0-0, Video, $39.95 each

The original first book in the series.  National best-seller.
Includes photos of the real groundhog, Phil. Groundhog Trivia game enclosed.
Learn all about groundhogs, Phil & his family, hibernation, and what happens when Phil sees his shadow. EEEK!

© 1986 by Julia Spencer, Ph.D. author; illustrated by Marsha Lewis.
Audio performed by author. Includes authentic groundhog warble.

To Order The Story of Punxsutawney Phil, the Fearless Forecaster

Hardcover, ISBN 0-9617819-2-0, 8x10 $16.95 Out of Stock
Paperback, ISBN 0-9617819-0-4, 8x10 $10.95
Paperback, ISBN 0-9617819-7-1, 5 1/2x6 7/8 $7.95
Audio cassette tape only, ISBN 0-9617819-3-9, $10.95
Video, ISBN 0-0000000-0-0, $39.95



G is for Groundhogs... P is for Punxsutawney Phil
ISBN 1-930434-01-4, Hardcover,$18.95 each
ISBN 1-930434-02-2 Paperback, $11.95 each

The newest adventure of Punxsutawney Phil, this delightful alphabet book contains a mini-story and colorful alliteration, poetry and rhyme in a unique alphabet storybook format. Learn about groundhogs and Phil,
from A to Z!  Fun for all ages, and a great read-aloud..

© 2000 by Julia Spencer, Ph.D. author; illustrated by Kelly McMahon.

To Order G is for Groundhogs... P is for Punxsutawney Phil
Hardcover, ISBN 1-930434-01-4, 8x10 $18.95
add paperback 1-930434-02-2 $11.95

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Will Spring Ever Come to Gobbler's Knob?
ISBN 0-9617819-5-5, Hardcover, 64 pages $16.95 each
ISBN 0-9617819-4-7, Paperback, 64 pages $10.95 each

In this groundhog adventure. Phil proves that spring can come early in spite of a cold winter.
Phil becomes a Daddy! Includes Punxsutawney Phil's Woodland Field Guide to 9 different animals.

© 1986 by Julia Spencer, Ph.D. author; illustrated by Marsha Lewis.


To Order Will Spring Ever Come to Gobbler's Knob?
Hardcover, ISBN 0-9617819-5-5, 8x10 $16.95
Quantity Paperback, ISBN 0-9617819-4-7, 8x10 $10.95


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Punxsutawney Phil and His Weather Wisdom
ISBN 1-930434-00-6, Hardcover 9x12, full color illustrations 40 pages $18.95 each

ISBN 0-930434-03-0, Audio tape  $11.95 each
ISBN 0-9617819-6-3, Paperback  $11.95 each

In this adventure, you'll learn about Groundhog Day and how Phil makes his forecast.
Meet his weather kids: Foggy, Sunny, Tornado and more. Includes a Weather Trivia Game & Glossary.
Narrated by NFL Football Great Terry Bradshaw and illustrated by Kelly McMahon.
All books in this series were written by Dr. Spencer, a veteran educator and author of more than 14 children's books

© 1997 by Literary Publications & Julia Spencer, Ph.D.


To Order Punxsutawney Phil and His Weather Wisdom
Quantity Hardcover , ISBN
1-930434-00-6, 8x10 $18.95
Quantity Audio Tape Package, ISBN
0-930434-03-0 $11.95
Quantity ISBN 0-9617819-6-3, Paperback   $11.95


Chuckles Goes to School
ISBN 1-930434-04-96, Paperback, full color illustrations 18 pages $11.95 each
Written by Julia F. Spencer, Ph.D. and the Children of Verplanck Elementary School
Illustrated by Matt Atkins and the Children of Verplanck Elementary School

© 2008 by Literary Publications & Julia Spencer, Ph.D.


To Order Chuckles Goes to School $11.95


A Mascot for Maine
ISBN 1-93043405-7, Paperback, full color illustrations 25 pages $11.95 each
Written by Julia Spencer, Ph.D. & Melanie Moutran
Illustrated by Matt Atkins

A delightful and informative storybook for young readers about picking the state animal Mascot of Maine! Children vote in a school election to select one of eight animal candidates running for state mascot. Find out who is the winner is and how the students learn about the animals before they vote. Teaches the importance of voting and becoming an informed voter. For ages 3 to 7.

© 2011 by Literary Publications & Julia Spencer, Ph.D.


Only One
Becoming a Giant Panda
Comes with book and plush Panda toy
Hardcover, full color illustrations 20 pages $12.95
Written by Julia Spencer Moutran, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Wendy Chang

In lush, colorful illustrations, readers can watch Beishung, a playful giant panda cub, grow into an adult bear in scenes that depict a zoo, a bamboo forest, a spring riverbed, and a winter hillside in Only One: Becoming a Giant Panda. The book includes a map of China and important facts about the giant pandas, such as how humans have contributed to their ever-decreasing population and efforts to preserve the animals by the World Wildlife Fund, "so there will never by 'only one' panda left... and then none."


Science Month-by-Month
Practical Ideas and Activities for Teachers and Homeschoolers
by  Julia Farish Spencer
ISBN:0-471-72901-9 ~ $29.95 ~ Paper ~ 320p

Help your students become aware of the wonders of science year round with this comprehensive resource. Science Month by Month offers dynamic science activities for every month of the school year. This hands-on resource contains everything an elementary or middle school science teacher needs to make their classes more timely and engaging.
If you want your students to think scientifically and have fun while they are doing it, Science Month by Month is the book for you. This collection of lessons, activities, calendars of historic science events, vocabulary word lists, and reproducible worksheets will help you develop seasonal science-theme units for your classrooms. The more than 80 activities are designed for flexibility and can be used in any sequence, any time during the school year. The activities are interdisciplinary, cover all areas of the science curriculum, complement other science programs and textbooks, and are easy to implement without special equipment or materials.
Filled with more than 200 illustrations and references to fun, new Web sites, Science Month by Month is a one-stop science resource for any elementary and middle school teacher.


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Boxed Gift Sets
Order this attractive cave house for Phil to keep your book & finger puppet.
Available with or without cassette. The giftset boxes include a mini book (5 1/2 X 6 7/8 inches)
Deluxe Gift set House includes tape @ $29.95 each;
without tape, Special Edition Gift set House, @ $19.95 each.

To Order Boxed Gift Sets
Quantity Special Edition  ISBN 0-9617819-8-X $19.95
Quantity Deluxe Edition with Audio, Plush, Book & House, ISBN 0-9617819-9-8 $29.95
NOTE: Cave House/Box ships flat and is easy to assemble

Plush Puppets

Groundhog Puppets!
Two adorable sizes. Get both (Papa Phil and Phil Junior!)
Both are cuddly and have colorful knitted scarves.

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Quantity 5 inch finger puppet of Punxsutawney Phil $11.95

BEARWOTF-I.JPG (4686 bytes)

Quantity 9 inch hand puppet Punxsutawney Phil $21.95


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